Timeless Music


I heard this album when I was very young and didn’t know a lot about what music was and I always gravitated towards what my brothers listened to and what my parents played. Wether it was George Harrison or my brother hunkered over his ghetto blaster listening to Dan the Zipper Man on AM640 The Hog, the music of the 80’s was amazing.

I have a tape deck in my car and have been collecting tapes for a while. Moving away from the Mp3 and getting gems is the greatest discovery ever. And tapes are like $1 these days. I found this one. I have it on vinyl but I can’t spin LP’s in the Grand Marquis.

This album has shown me that it doesn’t matter when your music was created. When you have an advanced method of displaying your vocabulary…time no longer matters when making music. With all of the amazing top 40 music coming out in 2016, this album could still be featured as a groundbreaking album today, even though its was written 32 years ago. When you craft your skill and create the purest form of how you channel the divine, the attraction to the vibrations you create is what makes your music timeless. The appeal is the ability to display the divine in your purest form.

This is what this album has taught me. It is unbelievable.

You have to listen to it in it’s entirety. It will take you away.

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