I wrote this not too long ago and have been sitting on it and thinking about it. It came from the light that A.I. is being pushed and made me think of what would happen if we stop making our own way to work and discover in the world. This is the thought that passed through.

“When technology allows us to use a framework for how we can better ourselves, the one thing that is being missed is the system that we were supposed to create for ourselves. We will adapt to what technology gives us because we are being bred to rely more on technology and current preset forms of communication.The big thing is they will control you from being uniquely creative in discovering your own framework and creating it solely for you, just as much as your fingerprint or spiral is who you are. We must continue to strive to create our own O.S. for who we are because this will allow us to fully become who we need and are meant to be in the universe.”

May 27, 2017

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