Nathan showed great interest and passion for musical expression, art and his hometown, which is a large part of his musical inspiration. Urban Waters was formed by Owen Sound native, Nathan Seaman in 2004 while he was at Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. It was in Waterloo where he self produced his first album ‘The Urban Water Development.’ After completing his Bachelor of Music Education with his principle instrument being in Percussion, he then moved to Montreal, Quebec to play in a band.

It was in Montreal where Nathan was writing and recording new music as Urban Waters and collaborated with a local band Changeover as their drummer. He wrote and released his second album ‘Eyelid Canopy’, in 2006 while playing various shows with the band. Eyelid Canopy displays the potential and creative drive that pushes him to develop vocabulary, form and identity. Nathan then moved to Toronto in the fall of 2007 and released Urban Waters third album, ‘Beyond Crystal.’ The album reflects a fusion of drum and bass, experimental electronic and hip-hop that proved his attention to structure and form had reached new levels.

2010 had Nathan moving to London, England. Largely inspired by the electronic music scene in Shoreditch, the energy from underground shows began to fuel his desire to continue pursuing electronic music. Many of the songs written for Stay Rad Bang Life were formed during this time in England and reflect the musical culture that he surrounded himself with.

When Nathan returned to Canada, he started recording his fourth album, ‘South Fateful’, collaborating with songstress Alicia Ryan from Wiarton, Ontario. Fusing grunge, rock and orchestral influences separates his vehicle of expression from the electronic scene. The album is a collection of songs exploring the personal struggle of love and relationships. It is an intimate exposé of the artist’s life and power to display emotion.

Releasing South Fateful left Nathan refining and exploring the electronic catalogue created when living in England. Recreating songs through Ableton expanded the reach of instrumental sounds available and began to shape the voice of what was to become. Destined to be on vinyl record, 8 years of songs were to be produced at a whole new level by Warren Hutton. Working with Warren at Rose Room Recording had Nathan leaving the home studio behind and entering the professional studio. Warren saw what Nathan wanted from his music and encouraged him to refine his sound and showcased his skills as a composer and writer. They worked with an eclectic group of musicians for over a year to achieve their goals to have the album pressed on vinyl record.  ‘Stay Rad Bang Life’ was released December 26th, 2015 at the Heartwood Concert hall in Owen Sound, Ontario. Nathan continues to write and compose music in Owen Sound and currently is working on new projects.