New Life


I wrote this not too long ago and have been sitting on it and thinking about it. It came from the light that A.I. is being pushed and made me think of what would happen if we stop making our own way to work and discover in the world. This is the thought that passed through.

“When technology allows us to use a framework for how we can better ourselves, the one thing that is being missed is the system that we were supposed to create for ourselves. We will adapt to what technology gives us because we are being bred to rely more on technology and current preset forms of communication.The big thing is they will control you from being uniquely creative in discovering your own framework and creating it solely for you, just as much as your fingerprint or spiral is who you are. We must continue to strive to create our own O.S. for who we are because this will allow us to fully become who we need and are meant to be in the universe.”

May 27, 2017


First fire of the spring.
The fresh smell of smoke, scent of fresh wind
And a guitar to help me know where my time goes.
Free roadside lawn chairs
New melody with a club soda.
Staring at the sun
Hoping to get a braze.

Collecting and my process

When I make music, I have the need to collect things before I start new projects. This has always happened since I was a kid. I have to collect things and complete them in order for me to move on and start a new project. When I finished the last album, it was really nice to take a break and not do music and art. My brain got to relax and I did not have to articulate and make precise decisions all of the time towards the timeline of art projects.

It was a nice break.

If you didn’t know, I love The Legend Of Zelda. It has been my favourite video game ever. I played a lot of Nintendo growing up and as I moved on to University and pursuing school, all of my old video games magically disappeared from the garage. Over the past few years I have started collecting Nintendo games and building up a collection of all of the old video games my brothers and I accumulated growing up. It is the sounds that came from the soundtracks and cartridges that I fell in love with. Simons Quest II really stuck in my mind as the best nintendo music ever made. I always wanted to recreate my own soundtrack for the game and insert it into the cartridge.

As I am building back the collection we had, I am experiencing all of the old sounds and melodies that inspired me when I was a kid. It is great to revisit them again and it is a surge of new creativity as I look at modelling SID and 8 bit samples and audio. Having these sounds back in my life have allowed me to go back to when I was younger and capture what inspired me and caught my attention through overlapping melodies in short loops.

I have posted a picture of all the Zelda Amiibos because I have completed the collection of something. I became intrigued by them as they can change the course of game play in some of the games. It was a collection that I knew I could complete and knew that there was a definite timeline of when the collecting would stop. Seeing as collecting all of the Nintendo games my brothers and I had would be a pricey challenge, I finished this collection and wanted to share it with you.

I wanted to share it with you because as soon as I had them all, I started going back upstairs into the lab. I started writing and making beats again and taking old gems and developing them. Ever since I finished the collection, all I think about is music and the process is starting up again.

I have about 5 new gems I am working on at the moment. If you read this site and would like to hear the rough demos of them, just send me a message and I can send you the link. Most people won’t see this because there not used to finding me here instead of where they think they will find me.

I just got the Puremagnetik Retro Computers library. It’s March Break. Here we go.


I don’t really post things often anymore. I don’t own internet and never really have it around. I just do my thing and stay happy. I never really had the need to let people always know what I am up to and carry a phone around to capture it all. When it comes to music and art, I usually keep it to myself because I do it for myself and my vocabulary. It is my process of how I do things and then when I am ready I share it with you in bursts. Just like the light switch.

I wanted to post this because every time I read it, I read it a different way and it takes on a whole new meaning. I have been holding it back for a while and was skeptical about posting it, but if you want to get to know me a little more, this is a piece I wrote.

Timeless Music


I heard this album when I was very young and didn’t know a lot about what music was and I always gravitated towards what my brothers listened to and what my parents played. Wether it was George Harrison or my brother hunkered over his ghetto blaster listening to Dan the Zipper Man on AM640 The Hog, the music of the 80’s was amazing.

I have a tape deck in my car and have been collecting tapes for a while. Moving away from the Mp3 and getting gems is the greatest discovery ever. And tapes are like $1 these days. I found this one. I have it on vinyl but I can’t spin LP’s in the Grand Marquis.

This album has shown me that it doesn’t matter when your music was created. When you have an advanced method of displaying your vocabulary…time no longer matters when making music. With all of the amazing top 40 music coming out in 2016, this album could still be featured as a groundbreaking album today, even though its was written 32 years ago. When you craft your skill and create the purest form of how you channel the divine, the attraction to the vibrations you create is what makes your music timeless. The appeal is the ability to display the divine in your purest form.

This is what this album has taught me. It is unbelievable.

You have to listen to it in it’s entirety. It will take you away.

Rory Lavelle – Just Watch TV and Worry

If there is one thing you do till the end of the year…it is to watch out for this new album that is dropping on November 8, 2016. Rory is an inspiration and friend who has been there for the last 8 years of my musical journey. I give shout outs in my interviews of the times we shared in Haliburton and beyond. He works so hard at perfecting his musical vocabulary that this album is not to be missed this year.

Check out his bandcamp page on the link below to stay up to date with him. Check the short trailer on you tube.


Grand Marquis Tape Deck

Make it bounce. Make it bounce.

The Interview

Earlier this year I was asked to do an interview on the latest album called STAY RAD BANG LIFE. There are 4 parts to the interview that go over my influences, process and themes for the album. The series goes in depth for each side of the album and all of the songs I have written for it. The interview is an accurate and deep exploration of myself and why I do what I do. The questions are precise and get at the core of who I am and the different stages in my life that I wrote the songs in. The whole idea of documenting a work of art is new to me. The videos were filmed earlier this year on the historic Lake Koshlong in Haliburton, Ontario. You can check out the whole series on the video section of the webpage. I hope you enjoy them and wish you all of the best.


“We all live for the summertime.”

Painted at Crown by Nathan Seaman

Painted at Crown by Nathan Seaman

After I got the records on vinyl, I began to shift away from music and gravitate towards painting. Being able to move between different art forms allows me to build my vocabulary. I got to spend the weekend at Crown with the people I love most. I brought my paints along and painted this while we were camping. I wanted to share it with you and let you see what I get up to when I’m not making music. It is called “We all live for the summertime.” It is painted on wood board with acrylic.